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  • Innovative and challenging puzzle mechanic
  • Smooth difficulty curve
  • 100 main puzzles and 50 hard bonus puzzles
  • Retina support and high-res graphics on iPad
  • Hundreds of ways to solve each puzzle
  • Easily share your unique solutions on
  • Engineered for low battery usage
  • Color-blind mode
  • A year in the making
  • Independently developed (support indie games!)

App Store User Reviews

  • Honestly, this is one of the must-have actual "puzzle" games on the iPhone. None of that block-dropping, gem-matching, ball-shooting, or word-making that clogs up the App Store. Just thinking power versus an honest-to-goodness brainteaser. I love it. Really, just buy it.
    by Skamando
  • I'm not normally one for puzzles, and I don't normally finish app games; they tend to bore me after a while and get deleted half-finished. This one grabbed me, though, and I raced through it, and finished it in under a week. The puzzles were clever, and the difficulty curve was near perfect. Trainyard is also highly polished, with one of the slickest interfaces I've seen. A must-buy.
    by Mobius Soul
  • I'm very impressed with this little gem. It's hands down the best puzzle game on my iPhone. The game play is simple, but the solutions will definitely get your head scratching. The best part is that there are multiple solutions to each puzzle, so you can replay the game over and over. I can't praise this app enough. It's worth every penny and then some. Well done!
    by jtr778

Website Reviews

  • I really recommend picking up the game if you've been looking for another great puzzler to sink some time into
  • With so many apps, there's also a lot of repetition; so when a truly novel puzzle app comes our way, it's worth taking notice of. Trainyard, from independent developer Matt Rix, is such an app.
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  • Trainyard is part line drawing game part puzzle game and the combination has been put together beautifully in this fun, challenging puzzle game that looks both great and plays wonderfully.
    Touch Reviews
  • Matt Rix's new puzzler app, Trainyard, combines line drawing and color matching in a unique and innovative way.
    App Safari
  • Trainyard, a clever new puzzle game from Matt Rix, is now available from the app store. With its wealth of levels and increasingly more difficult level design, Trainyard is as much about color mixing and perfect timing as it is about finding the goal within the seemingly limited confines of the grid.
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